Tattoo Power Supply

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Tattoo Power Supply Description

Tattoo Power Supply

Tattoo Power Supply is provided to the electronic device in the power of the apparatus, also known as tattoo power supply, which provides the power required by all the components of the computer. The size of the tattoo Power, current and voltage stability, will directly affect the performance and service life of the computer.

Computer Tattoo Power Supply is a closed independent components installed in the chassis, it is the role of the alternating
current through a switch tattoo power transformer for 5V-5V, +12 V,-12V, +3.3 V stable DC to supply chassis in system version,
floppy disk, hard disk drive, expansion cards and a variety of adapters and other system components. Popular, and a tattoo power supply is broken, another backup the tattoo the power to replace the power supply. Can be enhanced by providing battery backup
node and disk hardware availability. HP-supported uninterruptible tattoo power supply (UPS) such as HP PowerTrust,, beware of momentary power.

The disk with the connection of the power supply circuit should mirror copies are attached to different tattoo power supply. Root
disk to its corresponding node should be the same tattoo power supply circuitry. In particular, the cluster lock disk (when used as the arbiter cluster reorganization) should have redundant tattoo power supply, or, can tattoo power supply outside of the cluster nodes.

Your HP representative can provide cluster tattoo power supply, disk and LAN hardware layout detailed information. Many disk arrays and rack-mount system contains more than one tattoo power input, they should be deployed to different tattoo equipment power input connection on the independent circuit device with two or three tattoo power supply input, so that, under normal circumstances , as long as the failure of the circuit is no more than one, the system will be able to continue normal operation. Therefore, if all the hardware in the cluster have two or three tattoo power input is required at least three separate circuits, to
ensure that there is no single point of failure in the cluster circuit design.